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Announcement on the Personal Data Protection for job Candidate

Announcement on the Personal Data Protection for job Candidate

        We, ITALTHAI Group (collectively referred to as the Company”), as a data controller, respect your privacy right and recognize the importance of protecting your personal data (“Personal Data”) for job candidate through the use for  Therefore, the Company has provided this announcement to explain to you the Company’s practices and objectives in relation to your personal data in accordance with The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (PDPA).

     1. Personal data collected by the Company

   The Company collect personal data as follows:

1.1. Personally, identifiable information, such as name, surname, title, nickname, date of birth, photograph, photo and identification card number, passport number, driver’s license number or other numbers that can be used to verify your identity, location information.

  1.2. Contact information, such as address, contact location, telephone number, email address, emergency contact information, beneficiary information in case of demise.

  1.3. Education or work information, such as educational degree, educational background

  1.4. Data concerning health and profile checks, such as health examination results, credit history, criminal record, work history

  1.5. Information necessary for managing employment relationship agreements or contracts, granting welfare or other benefits, including any other information necessary for the Company to comply with the law, law enforcement agency’s requests and/or court orders

2. Sources of personal data

   The Company may receive your personal data through the channels as follows

  2.1. The Company receives personal data from you directly and will collect your personal data from the steps as follows

      2.1.1. Job candidate sends personal information for applying for a job through the channel

                2.1.2     During job application and interview such as application form and/or any other form you fill out including collecting additional information via email and telephone.

      2.1.3. From your willingness in making a survey or interacting by email or other communication channels between the Company and you.

  2.2. The Company receives your personal data from third parties, which have a legitimate right to disclose your personal data, including agents and contractors used by the Company to recruit applicants and perform employment contracts for you, such as position transfer information, salary adjustments, training, job assessments

3. Purpose of personal data processing

   The Company collect, use, or disclose your personal data for the purpose as follows

  3.1. To manage employees’ employment relations.

   3.1.1. To consider your qualifications and assess your employment qualifications to ensure that the Company has qualified and competent personnel to perform the job according to the standards set by the Company, including checking reference information in various fields.

   3.1.2. To comply with an employment contract, including other relevant purposes.

   3.1.3. To manage the calculation of compensation, salary, benefits, privilege, employment welfare, personal income tax calculation.

   3.1.4. To assess suitable qualifications for a job or specific duty.

   3.1.5. To consider your qualifications for offering you to consider transferring work at affiliates company.

   3.1.6. To comply with labor laws or other employment laws.

   3.1.7. To compile and create a list of names and addresses.

4. Processing of personal data

   When receiving personal data from the source of it, the Company will collect, use or disclose your personal data for the informed purposes. In this regard, the Company may disclose your personal data to ITALTHAI group of companies to consider accepting work.

5. Protection and retention period of personal data

The Company stores your personal data with retention period as follows

  5.1. Storage type: Paper (hard copy) and electronic storage (soft copy) with effective security measures to prevent the loss, access, use, alteration, adaptation, or disclosure of personal data without authority or illegally

  5.2. Storage period

In case of applying for a job online: If there is no contact back from the company to request additional information or to schedule an interview, the Company will keep your personal information for 90 (ninety) days.

In case of admission to work: the Company will collect your personal data within the necessary period according to the purposes of collecting it, or within the period of a contract or legal relation between you and the Company, or within the relevant limitation period under the law  

  5.3. After the storage period or the Company has no right or not able to claim any legal basis to process your personal data, the Company will delete or destroy personal data or make it anonymous within a reasonable time.

6. The Data Subject’s Rights

         You, as the data subject, have the rights as follows:

6.1 The Right to Withdraw your consent regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Data.

6.2 The Right to Access or receive a copy of your Personal Data or request the Company to disclose the acquisition of your Personal Data obtained without your consent.

6.3 The Right to Request the Company to receive, send or transfer your Personal Data in the Company’s possession to other data controllers.

               6.4 The Right to Object the collection, use, or disclosure of your Personal Data.

6.5 The Right to Request the Company to Erase or Destroy your Personal Data or anonymize your Personal Data to become the anonymous data which cannot identify the data subject.

               6.6 The Right to Request the Company to Restrict the use of your Personal Data.

6.7 The Right to Request the Company to ensure that your Personal Data remains accurate, up-to-date, complete, and not misleading. If the Company does not take action regarding your request, the Company shall record such request together with reasons for examination.

                6.8 The Right to Complain regarding any action violating the Personal Data Protection laws.

            However, the abovementioned shall be subject to the Personal Data Protection laws.

            If you wish to exercise your rights as mentioned above, please contact the person as specified in clause 10 (The Company’s Contact).

7. In case that you do not give consent to the use of personal data

   The Company is necessary to collect personal data according to the law or make a contract with you. If you choose not to provide personal data, the Company may not be able to make an employment contract with you.

   In case that you do not give consent to the use of personal data other than the Company uses personal data for complying with the contract and law, you may receive a lower benefit.

8. Changes to Privacy policy

   The Company will regularly consider, check, and review the privacy policy to ensure that the Company has performed correctly and in accordance with relevant guidelines, laws, and regulations. In this regard, The Company reserves the right to change this policy on the website or any channels without prior notice.

 9.Governing Laws

        This announcement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand and Thai court shall have a jurisdiction over any arising dispute.

10.The Company’s Contact

        If you have any queries regarding this announcement or wish to exercise the right as a data subject specified in clause 6 (The Data Subject’s Rights), you can contact the Company’s personal data protection sector via Contact Us


* LISTS OF THE COMPANIES IN THE ITALTHAI GROUP  are Italthai Industrial .Co., Ltd , Italthai Engineering Co., Ltd., Italthai Energy Co.,Ltd.,  Italthai Innovative Technology Co.,Ltd., Italthai Hospitality Co., Ltd , Sakdi Sin Pra Sit Co., Ltd  Amari Estates Co., Ltd., Amari Estates Phuket Co., Ltd., Chaophaya Development Corporation Co., Ltd., Riverside Auction House Co., Ltd.,  Muan jai Co., Ltd.,  Amari Hotel and Resorts Co., Ltd., Italthai Real Estate Co., Ltd., Amari Co., Ltd., Amari Pattaya Co., Ltd., Amari Watergate Bangkok Co., Ltd., OZO Watergate Co., Ltd., OZO Pattaya Co., Ltd., OZO Kata Co., Ltd., Antara Holiday Park Co., Ltd. and  Sirimaya Co., Ltd.

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