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Corporate Social Responsibility

Italthai Group operates its business in tandem with policy for participation in corporate social and environmental responsibility activities to ensure business growth alongside Thai society while bringing sustainable prosperity to everyone involved.

Italthai Group’s corporate social responsibility policy prioritizes education, because we believe that education is an important key to building upon ideas to keep up with the world’s rapidly-changing social and technological contexts. Endless learning is the foundation for growth and stable progress, and this growth-oriented learning is part of the primary corporate culture of the group that is practiced by every employee at Italthai.

Italthai Group’s corporate social responsibility activities are geared toward giving learning opportunities to youths, who will become an important force for the nation in the future, through various forms as follows:

Soranij Fund

Founded in 2009 at the wishes of Mrs. Nijaporn Charanachitta, Chairwoman, who recognizes the importance of education as a major foundation for life and future professional success, the Soranij Fund is oriented toward providing education support for the children of Italthai Group’s employees who produce good academic and behavioral results. To date, over 6,000,000 baht have been awarded in scholarships.

Italthai Dream It Forward

Launched in 2017, this project offers opportunities and promotes out-of-classroom learning for youths in order to foster knowledge and experience with expansion upon ideas through the provision of specialized skill training for youths with an emphasis on learning alongside actual practice under the guidance of a specialized work team. Moreover, financial assistance is awarded alongside related equipment to youths and educational institutions in remote areas with shortages of these materials. The objective of this project is to build dreams and inspire youths to move forward toward their future goals.

Italthai Group

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Soranit Fund

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